Solar Crystal Balls


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String Crystal Balls is one of the finest lights available for users. These solar-powered lights are available in warm white shade to give you a fine ambiance outdoors. The lights are waterproof, which makes them best to use in both the indoors and the outdoors.

– Color: Warm
– Comes with a built-in battery of 600 mAH
– Lumen value is 100LM
– You’ll have to charge it for 6 hours for maximum run time
– The lights last 8 hours on a full charge
– Working temperatures are -20 and -60
– Comes with a solar panel of specs 2volts and 100 MA

– Comes in 16 Ft. length and includes 20 bulbs
– The lifetime for the light is 5000 hours
– Varied lengths of strings for convenience
– No wiring is required and comes with optical sensing

Call/Whatsapp: 0330-2494172
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Delivery Time: 2-3 Working days

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