Pack of 2 Quick Wash Sink & Powerful Drain Cleaning


Delivery Charges 200/=
Pack of 2 Rs 999/=
Pack of 3 Rs 1199/=
Pack of 5 Rs 1499/=

It is the best deodorant and cleaner for home cooking, vanity, bathtub, shower, sewer drain outlet and sink

A patented blend of powerful enzymes can break down grease, fats, oils, soap and food waste to keep the sink clean

SAFE FOR ALL SEPTIC SYSTEMS – Compatible with all septic systems. Does not damage any tank components or parts

Attacks the regularly flushed water with unique cleaning solution that prevents the future formation of undesirable stains and scum.

Combats pesky stains caused by hard water and releases concentrated cleaning solution every time you flush. This includes removing rust stains, mildew and more

Instructions for use

Take the right amount of pipe powder

Pour the powder into the pipe

Flush into the right amount of water

For 30 minutes, then you can easily decontaminate

Cash On Delivery
Delivery Time 2-3 Working days
Call/Whatsapp: 0330-2494172

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