Are you looking for a soft lightweight but yet sturdy stand for your book, tablet or phone that enables you to effortlessly watch movies, read and much more?

We have the solution! Tablet Pillow Stand

☑️ COMFORTABLE READING, WEB BROWSING, AND MOVIES our soft and functional tablet stand is perfect for ipads, tablets, androids, kindles, and even iphones and droid phones. Enjoy your favorite reading, movies, media or simply browsing the web from the comfort of your bed, sofa, or armchair with this iPad desk or lap stand.

☑️ MICROFIBER SOFT SHELL FITS PERFECTLY ON YOUR LAP This plush and lightweight microfiber exterior allows you hours of comfortable use with your favorite tablet or device. This tablet pillow stand can be a safe stand for kids too, ideal for watching videos, reading books/magazines or even video recording,

☑️ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MODELS OF TABLETS & PHONES and e-readers including iPad Pro, and even iphones and android phones that rest securely on wedge, at the perfect angle. This super-soft fleece ipad tripod bed stand makes using your tablet comfortable, but you can use it also as a ipad tablet charging station.

☑️ SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY  Made of linen and cotton, the soft body pillow comfortably expands the
reach of your iPad, e-book reader and tablet. Lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your device.

☑️ WASHABLE, EASY TO USE & HOLD The exterior microfiber can be removed and machine washed, so it can assure you years of use. The large tablet stands will move from the kitchen table to your desk to your favorite lounge chair to the couch to bed or even to the car for comfortable entertainment on the go.

Name: Triangular folding tablet reading bracket
Size: about 27.5*20.5*21cm

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