Anti-Slip Mat Super Absorbent


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Innovative Absorbent Bath Pad – Advanced Nanotechnology & Up To 90% Pore Surface Allow For Rapid Water Penetration. Water Absorption is 2-4 times Its Own Weight

Quick Drying Bathroom Mats – Bathroom floor mats have many small holes in them that allow water to evaporate quickly in the natural air. Often, watermarks can magically disappear within minutes. The next step will not be wet

Anti-slip backing and comfortable surface rubber backing make the bath mat in the bathroom non-slip even on wet floors. Innovative leather surface that looks like a diatomaceous earth bathroom mat but feels like suede leather so you won’t feel cold when you step on the bathroom rug in cold weather

DURABLE AND WON’T SHIP – No microfiber, so you’ll never experience the troubles caused by traditional microfiber bathroom mats such as pilling, fading, shedding and warping. In addition, the rubber bath mat will not smell bad after being wet for a long time

Smudge-Proof & Easy-To-Clean – No Cleaning Required. The Smooth surface is designed to resist dirt and hair. Refresh your bathroom carpet simply by wiping it with a damp cloth or rinsing it with the shower head

Notes; The Letters Of The Pads Are Random

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